Roman Forum, AD 150

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This image shows the location and organization of the major public, civic and religious buildings of the center of Roman Corinth, ca. A.D. 150. The building plan is based on the drawing by C.K. Williams, II, Hesperia 56, 1987, fig. 1, and represents the results of fieldwork, study and publication by Williams and the Corinth Excavations over many years. The building plan has been supplemented by the results of the architectural survey of the buildings and monuments of the ancient city by the Corinth Computer Project that relates to their location and orientation and the resulting Roman city grid (1 actus wide insulae).

This restored plan of the city at A.D. 150 depicts all the major buildings, structures and infrastructure, including: religious buildings; markets; springs; fountains; places of assembly; civic and political buildings and structures and monumental arches. In addition, the restored plan shows the planned grid of the Roman city, depicting the principal north-south street of the Roman city, the cardo maximus, is seen entering the forum from the north and exiting the South Stoa to the south.