267 lower city destroyed by Goths and Herulians
375 earthquake
395 city conquered by Alaric the Goth
521 earthquake
551 city destroyed by earthquake
6th-8th centuries repeated invasions by Slavic tribes, settlement moves to Acrocorinth
10th century lower town is inhabited*
11th century prosperity
1147 Norman invasion by Roger of Sicily, city plundered
1204 Geoffry de Villehardouin is granted Corinth after sack of Constantinople
1205-1208 Acrocorinth is besieged by William of Champlitte
1208 Greek tyrant Leo Sgouros kills himself by riding off the top of Acrocorinth
1208-1210 Acrocorinth continues to resist Geoffrey de Villehardouin and Otto de la Roche
1305 Corinth is site of tournament
1358 control transferred to Niccolo Acciajuoli
1390s first of attacks by Turks
1430 control is by Palaeologi
1458 Turks finally conquer Corinth, city moves back up to Acrocorinth
16th century lower town is reinhabited as well as upper town
1612 town controlled by Knights of Malta
1687 town is controlled by Venetians, lower city is burned and deserted
1715 Corinth retaken by Turks
1770 depopulation due to Turkish retaliation for Orloff revolt, repopulation by Albanians
1821-1830 Corinth liberated from Turks, city is destroyed
1831-33 Corinth considered as possible site for new national capital
1858 City destroyed by earthquake, New Corinth is founded
1896 Excavations begun by American School of Classical Studies at Athens*
1981 earthquake

Culled from Kasas 41; Van der Vin 211-213; Blue Guide 264,274; Corinth 17-18